Chris Miller co-founded Lifeplays in 2001 to bring the radically collaborative skills embedded in improv into innovative organizations. Chris has brought improv-based training to the MBA program at USF, The Big Ideas Fest, and Little Bets Labs, which uses Design Thinking to solve large intractable problems. He holds a degree from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and in his free time can most likely be found rock climbing, boogie boarding, or playing music.


Rich Cox has worked as an actor/improviser, coach, consultant, photographer, designer, software engineer, marketing executive, E-commerce CEO, and musician. In 2003, he walked from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. He challenges leaders, groups and companies to stretch farther and achieve more. He is a master coach and facilitator who empowers you to discover and develop your best self. Rich is a Lecturer at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business and teaches at the Stanford Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (d.school) and London Business School. Rich combines Art+Science+Design to bring disruptive elegance to business, organizations and ventures and create better people, teams, and cultures. As a consultant for LifePlays, Rich integrates improv tools and mindsets into his work on creativity, innovation and leadership on organizational stages around the world.

Ann Swanberg’s first improv class was, in addition to being wildly fun, a career-changing experience in presence, trusting “the unknown”, and cooperating spontaneously with others to create wondrous things together. After completing training at ImprovWorks and BayArea TheaterSports, Ann became a coach at BATS Improv and then cofounded LifePlays in 2001 to bring the transformational life skills of improv to individuals, communities and innovative companies. She's also a solo performance artist: The Seven Laws of Highly Miserable People


Debra Gerardi has been using applied improvisation for over 25 years to help individuals and organizations improve their ability to negotiate, engage in conflict, and develop as leaders. She works internationally and has provided improv skills training as far away as Saudi Arabia and Omaha, NE. As a Hudson Institute certified executive coach, Debra strives to promote the view that successful engagement in a dynamic and complex world requires that professionals work from the inside out by anchoring to their purpose, values, passion, and strengths. Debra has worked as a mediator and conflict specialist for over a decade helping groups move through barriers without damaging essential work relationships. Trained by Second City and Bay Area Theater Sports, Debra has performed and directed over 300 improv comedy shows and she integrates her experience on stage with her ability to help others access their authentic ability to be present and engage fully. Most importantly, she brings a spirit of fun and a creative energy to all of her work.