Improv for saying YES like Kevin Kline

Have you seen the film, "A Fish Called Wanda"? There's a scene in it that's become legend in our family, referenced as a reminder of improv's "Say Yes" skill. Kline plays a burglar who opens a long longed-for safe only to's empty! He dances hysterically and shouts emphatically, "Disappointed!" It's such a great YES to what is.
Different family members and I have referenced it often over the years when in need of breath-giving humor to moments of light disappointment. Like I wanted an ice cream cone the other night and Baskin and Robbins was literally…out of ice cream! Only four flavors were left after a heat-wave run here in Sonoma. “Disappointed!"
Okay, so, check out that scene. It's such a fun reminder that saying YES often *simply* means allowing the truth of what you're feeling. From there you can proceed to “And"...maybe I’ll get a cookie…or an apple…or…