Improv for failure

Fail like Kobe Bryant!

OK, I’m not a real “sports –guy” by any stretch.  But I know the big names and I love the NBA when it comes to the finals, so I know Kobe Bryant.And I am an improviser, and I work with Applied Improv, and I see through those eyes.
So it caught my eye when I read that Kobe Bryant had just broken the record for the most 3-point misses in regular NBA season.  That’s a lot of misses.  A lot of “failures.” Here’s what Kobe said about it:

"You've got to step up and play, man, you can't worry about criticism. You can't worry about failure. You really can't worry about that stuff. You've got to go out and figure that out and play and do the best you can, and whatever happens, happens. You can't be held captive by the fear of failure or the fear of what people may say."

In performing improv, there are no failures or mistakes.  Everyone’s job is to make your choices look brilliant.  And you, theirs.
Taken to the business world, these skills and trust are invaluable.  There are countless quotes about embracing failure.  The trick is to take inspiring quotes about failure, and actually live them.  To really be willing to fail.
Like Kobe.  Arguably one of the top players in the NBA.  Failing right and left.

Maybe our new tag-line should be “Fail like Kobe.”

If you want to Fail Like Kobe (and rise to the top), you might just give Applied Improv a shot.

It’s fun.
It’s deep.
It works!