Improv for life

Improv Super Power for Life #1: “Yes-And” For Creating with “What Is”

God how I love this core skill of improv. Practicing “Yes” has made me a WAY happier camper. “Yes” means receiving what arrives. That’s all. That’s everything. I used to rail against reality all the time (“Why is that car ahead of us so stinky??”)

These days, after life’s continual “opportunities”, I generally accept the facts pretty quickly, even difficult ones. From there, from “Yes”, I can move to the resourcefulness of an “And” (e.g. pull over to create distance from the stinky car.)

AND, in case you’re wondering, saying “Yes” to accepting what arrives also means noticing and accepting what you're feeling, especially when it's a form of tension. Irritated, confused, scared. Then, with that awareness, you have access to a breathing, creative "And" (e.g. asking for help, or clarification, or taking a break.)

Okay! This entry leads naturally to the next one:
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See you next time! -Ann