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"The LifePlays workshop was an unforgettable opportunity for interpersonal communication, building trust, and good old fashioned fun. It far exceeded my high expectations." 
M. Waddell
Product Manager
Google, Inc.

"I've been recommending LifePlays as a Team Build facilitator based on consistent positive feedback from participants for over a year now. I had only other people's feedback to rely on until my own team experienced LifePlays for ourselves on our recent Team Build. The success of the experience is very subtle; you don't realize how deep the work goes until you notice changes in the days/weeks afterward. I can now attest to the effectiveness of LifePlays personally, & do so without hesitation."
Nico Gallegos
Training & Education Team Leader
Whole Foods Markets, Northern California region

"LifePlays gave us a tangible opportunity to gain a new perspective on some of the individual and team dynamics that were getting in the way of breakthrough thinking. LifePlays' contribution was like a breath of fresh air - their improvisational exercises with us widened the horizon of what we believed was possible and had direct application to the business issues we were working on." 
Steven Kowalski
Director of Learning and Development
Genentech, Inc.

“There were two things that struck me about your workshop: the open and non-judgmental nature of the activities allowed me to behave in a truly improvisational and spontaneous manner; and doing so in a group situation with work colleagues allowed all of us to enjoy the session and each other without being concerned with competing against one another, or being evaluated. As a result the experience was surprisingly refreshing and truly unique from any other of the numerous 'Team Building' activities in which I have participated. Thanksfor leading a unique and enjoyable experience.”
Gianfranco de Feo, Ph.D.
Sr. Director, Technical Business Development
NuGEN Technologies, Inc.

“I truly enjoyed our sessions and learned a LOT from our time together; stuff I use every day at work (and that's the truth).”
Colin Smith
Executive MBA student at USF

“Improv training with LifePlays is an amazing experience. It awakens the creativity and imagination many of us haven't felt since childhood. Whether it's a group of 5 or 500, their lessons will ignite your ability to connect and collaborate with any audience.”
Clint Edmonson
Technical Evangelist

“Thank you for coming to our writers offsite. I've talked with many of the writers and they all really enjoyed and benefited from your session. Several of them also said that when they heard we were going to do improv, they almost made for the door, but ended up really enjoying it. I appreciate all the time you spent preparing for us and coming up with the game plan. The improv session was a huge success. Many thanks!”
J. Becker
Google, inc.

“Thanks again for coming out! It was so great to hear people referring to stuff we did in the improv course throughout the rest of the event (and afterwards as well). Lots of people have told me how much they enjoyed the improv session, it was definitely a big win. You guys were all fantastic.”
L. Ahrens
Google Inc.

“Just when you think that all you did at one of their sessions was to have fun, you discover that you have learned something profound!”
Bob Graham
NamasteDirect, Ending Poverty One Loan at a Time

"Just wanted to say that our team was very pleased with the team building activity LifePlays provided for us during our offsite over the summer. They kept the team engaged and, needless to say, in stitches! The activities brought down inhibitions and encouraged collaboration throughout."
Angie Brugmann
Market Research Project Manager
Wells Fargo Bank