LifePlays: 1 + 1 = 3

Radical Collaboration, Astonishing Possibilities

Being in Creative Relationship with Self, Other, and Change

Public Classes: Ecstacize™Improv
"I am well aware of how much of life I miss because I'm a planner -- I'm always thinking about what's next and how to prevent problems that don't even exist. Working with you is a gut-level, heart-level reminder of the joy that life holds everyday when I experience it in-the-moment, as it unfolds."
-Shelli Fried

Corporate Programs: Innovation, Leadership, Team Development
"I've been recommending LifePlays as a Team Build facilitator based on consistent positive feedback from participants for over a year now. I had only other people's feedback to rely on until my own team experienced LifePlays for ourselves on our recent Team Build. I can now attest to the effectiveness of LifePlays personally, & do so without hesitation."
-Nico Gallegos, Training & Education Team Leader, Whole Foods Markets. Northern California Region