Have a really good time.  Get great things done.

We find that it’s through experience and practice that people replace old patterns with new skills. To that end, our work is highly interactive, engaging, and super fun.

  • Team Building and Collaboration: Build trust, have fun, and practice creating in a flow state. A team that loves working together pays off in productive meetings, streamlined projects, and happy people in the mini-kitchen.
  • Innovation, Creativity, and Design Thinking: Practice having curiosity not “control” propel you past obvious answers to innovative business solutions.
  • Leadership: Keep connection your priority and create as equals so that people are valued, heard, and inspired to take risks and to be fully engaged. 
  • Presentation Skills: Practice 3-fold connection (to self, audience, and content) to experience being relaxed, focused, and compelling in presentations.
  • Customer Service: Stay present and creatively responsive (“Find the Yes”) to mutually enjoy productive interactions.

Our corporate improv programs are custom-designed for your goals and needs.  Call or email to explore how we can serve your company.

What a LifePlays Business Improv session looks like:

We guide people through a series of fun Applied Improv exercises. Then, through focused debriefs, participants reveal and reflect on the new skills being practiced, and identify where they are relevant at work.  Via role-plays and scenarios, people get meaningful practice in applying their new choices at work.

Some of the applied skills are:

  • Listening in order to receive and build ("Yes, And")
  • Staying open ("Choosing Curiosity")
  • Focusing on the larger goal ("Serve the Scene")
  • Supporting others ("Make your Partner look Brilliant")
  • Welcoming new ideas and different points of view ("Defer Judging")
  • Communicating as equals ("Status Awareness" and "Give & Take")
  • Breathe ("Breathe")

Lasting change comes from committed, enjoyable practice. Our corporate improv sessions wrap up with individuals, as well as teams, identifying a doable, inspiring new skill to level-up at work.