Team Building


LifePlays’ Team Builds are fun, bonding, and loaded with tangible skills that your team can take back to work. 

In pairs and small groups, participants engage in a series of super-fun Applied Improv exercises that are followed by short, focused debriefs.  There’s tons of laughter and bonding, and through the debriefs, participants see how the skills practiced in the improv can be used to foster innovation, or build trust, or communicate as equals, or communicate more respectfully, or generally collaborate more effectively.

Our Team Builds are great for teams that work together on a daily basis, teams that work remotely and want to get to know one another more deeply, and for teams with new members to get more bonded and cohesive.

This is not just a really good time.  It’s a really good time with lasting changes for your team.  Fostering creativity/innovation.  Building trust.  Equality.

Team Builds are generally half-day (2 to 4 hours) and are custom designed for your team’s needs.  Call or write to see what this would look like for your team.