Team Building

Imagine your team or group laughing together, relaxed and open. Connecting, bonding, and getting to know one another in a deeper way, all while learning and practicing improv-based communication skills.

And now imagine them back at work.  Collaboration is more fluid and easy.  There’s more trust and support.  The new folks on the team are folded in.  They all have more fun together.

This is a LifePlays team building session, and what you can expect after.

It’s more than just a one-off great time.  It’s also a culture-changing skill-set for a supportive, flow-state, creative workplace.

All our team builds are custom designed, so call or write to see what a LifePlays Team Build would look like for your team.

Fun and transformation. How cool is that?!?

 Photo by Peggy Ruse

Photo by Peggy Ruse