Improv in Silicon Valley

If you live in or near the Valley (or have heard of it) you’ve probably heard the Improv word tossed around.  Or maybe not.  But improv is vibrantly alive there.

For the past 15 years I’ve been bringing the power of improv to companies in the Valley and beyond.

If you’ve never experienced or seen Applied Improv, it’s different that what you think.

When most people think of improv they think of Whose Line Is It Anyway.  Very funny and fast.  Comedy.  So often the assumption is that it’s about being fast  and thinking on your feet.  And that is part of it.  The thinking on your feet part.  But only a small part.

We improvisers have a very interesting challenge: with absolutely no planning, we get to walk on stage with fellow improvisers and in the moment, create a story, or a play, or a scene, or a song.  And when we do it well, it seems scripted because it flows so effortlessly.

So why is this particular skill of  interest in the Valley?

I’d say 3 main reasons.

1)   It’s HIGHLY generative and creative.  You generally come up with things that you never would have found as individuals.  Great for innovation.

2)   It builds trust and connection.  You KNOW that everyone else has your back, and together you’re in service of the bigger picture.

3)   Everyone feels valued, competent, heard, and an integral part of the system.


There’s still a perception that improv is a fun, fluffy way to have a good time as a team.  And it is.  AND….  It’s WAY more than that.


Try it.

You’ll value it.